Violin Technique: The Manual

Book Cover: Violin Technique: The Manual

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Viola Technique: The Manual

Book Cover: Viola Technique: The Manual

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Technique is the tool by which we accomplish the artistic.

The books—"Violin Technique: The Manual" and "Viola Technique: The Manual"—invite you to consider a pedagogical method that has proven effective in developing the skills of the young musician and evolving artist alike. Whether looking for a fresh perspective or a new methodology for one’s self or pupils, the presentation of these tried-and-true studies is a concise, easy to grasp design providing both efficiency and accessibility for all levels –– beginner to professional.

You will develop a higher degree of understanding and mastery of the instrument, whatever your level of accomplishment.

You are encouraged to explore and augment variations on these studies, incorporating them directly into the repertoire––a practice that will continue to serve you as a solid foundation for one of the most valuable lessons to be learned: the ability to teach yourself.

An ideal addition to The Manual is its partnering Terms & Tips––a quick reference tool for all string players. Included are essential explanations for commonly encountered musical terms, as well as overall guidance in theory and technique for mastering the instrument and bow.

These volumes stand as a testament to over 36 years of teaching. Drew Lecher’s approach has proven successful for every stage of the violinist's/violist's musical journey, in keeping with the philosophy that having a solid foundation –– maintaining desire, determination and a disciplined effort –– all can rise to higher levels.


It is my hope, indeed intent, that the pages therein will shed a great deal of light on How to master…, in the most efficient manner, the many technical challenges faced by the violinist/violist at all levels of proficiency––whether professional, amateur or student.

A collection of ‘kernels’––concepts and actions––that, as applied and elaborated upon, will aid in the mastery of passages and their musical interpretation. The methods written out are to be incorporated directly into the development of the repertoire.

Do not be overwhelmed by the examples. Even practiced partially, they will guide you in developing your technical facilities and offer quite a simple, readily achievable formula: choose multiple studies in small sections, even one measure, focusing on high quality work. Some studies should be practiced 2 to 3 minutes and others much longer, depending on the time available and your ambition and passion for excellence.

Progress is variable but will continue as you persist; and as challenges are conquered, or nearly conquered, step up to the next level. When you are close to mastering a given section, adding the next level makes the previous part seem much simpler and more attainable and very shortly, it becomes so.

In over 36 years of teaching, the method laid out in these pages has been developed, tested and refined. It is most gratifying to see it succeed time and again.

You will experience the same results, I trust.